Bakso, Not Just Street Food from Indonesia

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Bakso is essentially street food, it can be found anywhere from outdoor eateries to elegant restaurants. Like many other dishes in Indonesia, it grew out of Asian and European influences in the country.

Also in Indonesian, the term bola daging is often referred to as the Western or European style of meatballs, which is different in texture and elasticity compared to bakso. Throughout Indonesia, there are many variations of bakso, but all of them include three main ingredients: broth, noodles, and meatballs.

What distinguishes bakso from other Asian varieties is the consistency of the meatballs, which should have a springy texture. Bakso is a popular Indonesian meatball soup. For example, Swedish meatballs are translated as bola daging Swedia in Indonesian. The garnishes, which are additionally added, are usually wontons, hard-boiled eggs, or Tahu (tofu).

Although bakso has Chinese Hokkien origin name, culinary experts suggest that it is likely that bakso was the mixture of culinary influences back in colonial Dutch East Indies.

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