Pianemo Islands, Raja Ampat, Papua, Indonesia

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Raja Ampat is known for its beautiful small coral islands that spreading in the sea, one of them being Pianemo. Reaching Pianemo from Raja Ampat is a kinda effort. If you wanna hike, it means tourists can get hurt for being careless when exploring the karst hills. But you’ll see endless crystal clear blue waters while occasionally catching glimpses of virgin forests, swooping birds on a hunt, as well as green hilly islands.

Upon arriving in Pianemo, you’ll see hills above cliffs with overgrown trees. So even if your chosen accommodation is located in Raja Ampat, don’t worry as you will only need to take a speed boat from Waisai to reach this island 2 hours away. There are three commonly used Hill pathways on Pianemo—Tanjung Bintang which is 15m high, Bald Hill which is double that at 30m high, and a final hill that stands at its highest at 40m.

Despite the small size, Pianemo Island is worth an exploration. Hiking becomes the most popular thing to do, after all. Not to mention sharp stones are scattered there. Thanks to the existence of several karst hills, on which tourists can climb. The views have got no parallel, for sure.

Some of these cliffs are still alive and continue to grow higher every year. With a little bit effort and awareness, they can reach the top of the hills, though. The boat ride itself is enjoyable, too. The thing is everyone should be careful when hiking, as the landscape is considered uncomfortable and slippery.

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