Senggigi Beach, Lombok, Indonesia

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The town of Senggigi spreads out along nearly 10 kilometers of coastal road. Most travelers start or end their stay at Senggigi because of the easy access to Mataram Airport and accommodations options are available to all budgets. If you are pleased with service, tip the driver or local guide at the end. If you are frugal or intrepid and take the slow ferry from Bali, it’s best to arrange transport in advance from the ferry dock to Senggigi, since the dock on the Lombok side is in a remote spot several kilometers south of Mataram.

Senggigi has now fallen behind Kuta Lombok in the south of the island and the North-Western Gili islands in terms of popularity and development. There are few alternatives to get Senggigi Beach, coming from Lembar harbor, you can go straight to Senggigi by any shuttle bus service available. Or you can use ojek (mopeds) service that are available at night.

There are plenty of activities you can do to complete your holiday. If you collide with anything, or it collides with you, you are responsible for all costs. Sightseeing or touring organized by reputable local tour operators is the best option to discover what Lombok has to offer. Car rental in Lombok is more expensive than Bali. Lombok taxi available on call for 24 hours of service. Tip driver pocket money for meals if you stop for lunch or diner. Senggigi used to be the main tourist strip of the Indonesian island of Lombok, stretched out along several kilometers of the beachfront just to the north of the capital, Mataram.

This road continues north to Bangsal, port for the Gili Islands. Renting a car or motorcycle is also good alternative to get around, either self-driving or with a driver so you can relax and enjoy the view. Along the way, a fantastic scenery of the northwest coast of Lombok awaits. Public transportation or bemo’s are available from 06:00 am-06:30 pm (Ampenan-Senggigi, or Senggigi-Ampenan) one way. If you are coming by plane, there is a taxi service at the airport that will take you to your hotel destination.

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